SIP House

Karori, Wellington

Residential – 180m2

The SIP house is designed to replace an existing unit on a multi-unit site. The clients are particularly conscious of their footprint in this world and one of them is a tradesperson who will build the home themselves. After some environmental modelling, we decided that SIPs (structurally insulated panels) would be the best option for a high-performance house that is easy to build. The SIPs will be prefabricated on the south island and will have extremely high insulation values in a standard depth wall.

The house is a simple gable form with a long low form that connects to the existing building on the site creating an L-shaped plan for the new home. The L-shaped plan separates the service areas from the living but still lets both the dining and living rooms spill out onto the deck and into the yard. The 2 storey form backs onto the south boundary to maximise the north-facing rooms and usable outdoor area. A balcony for the top floor bedrooms shades the large glass doors to prevent overheating in the summer.  With high-performance services like heat recovering mechanical ventilation, a heat pump hot water heater, and triple glazed windows this will be an extremely comfortable and energy-efficient home to live in.

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