Karori House

A tired, poorly oriented bungalow with difficult access is about to undergo a significant transformation. The bungalow will have a new frontage injecting grandeur into the home. The interior will be transformed with living areas created to the east, opening to spectacular views over the city. A large deck that can be accessed off the living room. The kitchen will be open plan with a large butler’s pantry.

The home will be better connected to the street with new stairs and a pathway accessing a new lower level reducing the distance to reach the house. A new entry lobby will lead upstairs or to a new lower level playroom and bedroom.

At the front of the property will be a new double garage and carpad. Above the garage will be a beautiful modern apartment with open plan living, kitchen and dining and a mezzanine bedroom in a vaulted ceiling.

The works will add significant value and an additional dwelling to the property and will enhance the livelihood of our clients.

The site brings a number of challenges. Steeply sloping from the street up several stories to the house, current access is via stairs and a long path to the side of the home. The proposed build will involve excavation under the house followed by excavation and significant retaining at the street to allow for the new garage and unit.

The clients have a young family and need to modernise their home, allow for the growing family, obtain better access and better-quality spaces and have a garage and off-street parking on their busy street. The additional unit will be an income generator and allow for family to stay for extended periods.

Opening up the house to the views is essential. Currently, the house has a small disconnected living room and a bedroom facing the primary views to the east. The project involves rationalising the planning and adding more high-quality space. The access to the house will be significantly enhanced, including reducing the distance by approximately half.

The new garage and unit will be modern and bold and complementary to the house above. It will be clad in profiled metal and have a soaring roofline.

The materials for the bungalow will be in keeping with the existing house, with weatherboards and detailing to match the existing. The kitchen and bathrooms will be sleek and modern but will complement the era of the home.

The garage and new build will be modern and sleek in comparison, pared-back and elegant. A mixture of plastered concrete block, profiled metal cladding and plywood lining will be used in an exciting, playful palette.

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