Eastbourne House

On a rear section at the base of the hill in Eastbourne sits a house stacked in a series of playful blocks. These offset forms create spaces, shelter and a sense of fun in this secluded setting.

The builder client was constructing a high quality four-bedroom family home in a quiet leafy suburb in Eastbourne. The builder was building to a tight budget and time frame, for immediate sale.

The rear site is against the very steep Eastbourne hills. We stacked the forms up against the hill and looked out over the neighbouring properties to the west, and the harbour.

Each stacked form has its unique spaces and all view out to the views and evening sun to the west.

The site was relatively flat to the west and sloped steeply to the east. Care was taken to build up against the hillside to maximise the use of the front yard as a garden and play space. This also gave the opportunity to build up and maximise the sun and light for the otherwise shady property. We turned the constraints of the site into a strength.

The client was a builder nearing retirement and looking to make a profit on one final job. The client had a clear brief with a need for a high end four bedroom property with architectural flair alongside the ability to be built simply and to a tight budget. We had good communication and regular meetings with the client from the beginning and collaborated over the plans to work through the most buildable solutions which would also create high quality spaces.

Our client’s high aspirations for the sale price were realised shortly after the completion of the project.

The house was carefully designed to be both architectural and very buildable and cost effective. The upper levels are clad with board and batten, with the board being ply to minimise cost and labour time. The roofs are corrugated iron which the builder/client could install himself.

Construction of the retaining was with reinforced concrete blockwork and at the top level the rear of the house rested on piles, which were easy and cost effective for the builder to construct.

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