Clendon Architects Limited is a contemporary practice based in Brooklyn, Wellington. We pride ourselves in creative ideas and solutions to enhance residential and small commercial projects.


We offer results that are tailored to your specific needs and wants. Space and context are key to us – we understand that families live differently to couples, and that weekend holiday houses function differently to mid-week urban homes.

We work hard to translate the unique attributes of each site into a built expression. We understand that this is a big deal for you, and that you have both dreams to realise and budgets to work within. All the same, we like to challenge you to find fun and interest in your building adventure.


Dan Clendon (Director, BArch, ANZIA Registered Architect)

Dan graduated from Victoria University School of Architecture in 2001.

Dan learnt the trade from masters at Stephenson and Turner, Novak and Middleton, and Sir Norman Foster of Foster + Partners in London. More recently Dan worked with the late Sir Ian Athfield and the crew at Athfield Architects from 2008 until the birth of Clendon Architects in 2015.

Daniel has a firm foundation in quality design, construction detailing and contract administration. He is familiar with all aspects of the building process and has great contacts throughout the industry.

Dan lives in a single bay villa with his wife Dot and three kids. In 2012 Dan undertook an ambitious rebuild and extension, doubling the floor plan while maintaining the integrity of the villa upfront and adding a modern extension out the back.

Dan would like to be a professional runner but has had to satisfy himself with once making the New Zealand mountain running team, and running a handy marathon on a regular basis. He enjoys musing about the state of the world, reading, skiing and tramping.


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